Stress Relief Relaxation

Physical Rejuvenation  Mental Revitalisation

Manifesting Desired Futures

And a lot of fun and friends

  All of this from a mandala? Yes!


A special gift for you!

Buy a Reiki-infused mandala colouring book and get 1 month of Always Dreaming Bigger Membership for FREE!

(Financially that’s worth $195, but it’s worth soooo much more than that).


There’s a reason why I’m giving you this incredible offer today. 

Yes, the Reiki-infused colouring books on their own are amazing. But when you blend them into my Always Dreaming Bigger process then they become far more magickal in helping you achieve your desires and creating a life you love. 

Listed here are some of the benefits of the Reiki-infused colouring book so you can see just how powerful they are. Also some more info about the membership I’m giving you access to – but can read more about it in much more detail here

The Book

This book is unlike any other mandala colouring book you can buy. It’s authentic, original, unique, and full of unconditional universal love. The book contains:

  • 11 freehand drawn mandala designs
  • Approx 30 hours of focused meditation
  • Over 330 hours of Yamabushi Shinto Reiki healing from a mix of 6 different energies
  • Continuous healing frequencies that you can have endlessly emitting into your home
  • Healing practices that help to repair and rejuvenate your mind and body

Choose between the two volumes available and start your healing today.

There are many reasons why our members work with the Art That Heals colouring books and join in on our weekly sessions. But what about you? Maybe you:

    • Want more me-time
    • Need help with prioritising self-care
    • Could do with less technology time
    • Are looking for a fun way to relax and destress
    • Are looking for a safe place where you can share and be heard
    • Want to become more empowered about how and when you heal
    • Want to receive regular Reiki and energy healing in a cost-effective way
    • Need help with how to meditate
    • Want to share your evening with other super people
    • Want to create a habit of meditation and self-care
    • Don’t want to see your mandala colouring book go unloved like your gym subscription and your yoga studio membership
    • Are looking for something to do with your evenings that doesn’t involve the TV
    • Are keen to explore new creative hobbies and ways to meditate

Whatever you’re looking for, take advantage of this amazing deal and come and feel for yourself the magick and the power that is behind meditating with the Art That Heals mandalas and Reiki healing.

Click here to buy your book+membership bundle NOW!

Check out below what the membership is all about.


The Membership

A tried and tested membership that helps you reconnect to yourself, deepen your spirituality, discover your dreams and desires, gain a sense of purpose and find the strength and courage needed to start creating a life you love.

A membership doesn’t deliver just hope – it offers power, possibility and positivity.

You might be satisfied with your life, or maybe you’re not. Either way, are you often experiencing that niggling (or significant) feeling that “there must be more to life than this?

Let me help you. 

You are capable of so much more than you ever can imagine. Let’s help you unlock those desires and potential that you hold. 

Create a life you love. The Always Dreaming Bigger membership helps you to powerfully connect to and create your dreams so you can feel happy, whole and purpose-aligned. 

I am your happiness and your freedom warrior. I help you to stand in your truth and authenticity so that you can live a life you choose.

The Always Dreaming Bigger membership can help you to feel (as said by it’s members):

Relaxed ♦ Lighthearted ♦ Connected ♦ Happy ♦ Powerful ♦ Purposeful ♦ Enthusiastic ♦ Confident ♦ Ambitious ♦ Inspired ♦ Grateful ♦ Optimistic ♦ Serene ♦ Authorative ♦ Decisive ♦ Energetic ♦ Influential ♦ Vigorous ♦ Courageous ♦ Authentic ♦ Strong ♦ Persistent ♦ Faithful ♦ Expectant

What You Get:

    Happiness Enhancers

    You’ll receive regular tips, challenges and ideas to help you keep the happy hormones topped up and permanently raise the bar on your happiness level.

    Purpose Reflection Prompts

    Each month you will receive an extraordinary email that contains unique Reiki energies (given to you via orbs) that will help to connect you to your inner teacher and knowing, as well as, your purpose and path. Enveloped by these energies is a journal prompt that is designed to help guide introspection and foster a deeper connection to your purpose. Set the intention to receive the energies then sit with your journal and allow your Higher Self and sense of purpose to show themselves on the page.

    Reiki Infused Mandala

    Sent straight to your inbox for you to savour at your own pace. Every monthly mandala is infused with a specific healing intention and 24-hours of Reiki energy, providing you with the resources and encouragement to enhance your personal journey. I frequently feature the mandalas created by members, offering you a wonderful opportunity to connect with your fellow enthusiasts. Who knows? One day, your masterpiece could take centre stage!

    Recorded Meditations

    Created by me, this collection of empowering and enhancing meditations are on 24/7 access, as and when you want or need them to support you with your ongoing dreaming, dreaming bigger and the creation of those dreams.

    Mandala Magickal Meditation

    Not only does regular meditation increase the happy hormones needed for dreaming bigger, but we also use this time to craft an ongoing mandala project to help call in and anchor the energies that you need to create a doorway to your dreams and goals. You can draw, colour or gaze at them to help you manifest. Mandalas are visual representations of energy. The mandala emits a resonance (energetic frequency) that changes your vibration, helping you to remove the blocks or enhance the attributes and virtues you need.

    Healing Orb

    Because we all need help feeling better sometimes and overcoming the challenges of life. Delivered straight to your inbox every month, each orb is a reservoir of diverse energies, empowering mantras, and mystical elements designed to assist you in healing both emotional and physical challenges. Your inbox becomes a sanctuary where this powerful tool awaits, ready to be called in whenever you need it the most.

    Click here to read more about the Always Dreaming Bigger Membership.


    Scroll down to pick your book+membership bundle!

    Volume 1 – Reclamation of Power

    Each mandala in this book is channelled, freehand drawn and Reiki-infused to give you a collection of empowering energies that will help you release yourself from fear and unserving habits, to help you gain strength, hope, and a stronger connection with your intuition so that you can move forward with power.

    Click here to see what’s inside this book.

    Buy and download your book today!

    Volume 2 – Dreaming Bigger

    Each mandala in this book is channelled, freehand drawn and Reiki-infused to give you a collection of empowering energies that will raise your happiness and connect you to love so that you can dream bigger for yourself. They will connect you to your intuition so you will feel your purpose and move towards your true dreams. They will develop your faith that everything is possible and anything can be yours, and free yourself from what is holding you back from realising these dreams.

    Click here to see what’s inside this book.

    Buy and download your book today!

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