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Let Me Introduce Myself

My greatest joy is to use my life experiences and magick to empower others to reconnect back to themselves so they can feel happy and whole. I want everyone to be able to write a long ‘I love….’ list and live it every day.

So, I’ll begin by telling you what I love.

My Top 3:

  • Mornings
  • Muay Thai
  • Nature
  • OK, 4 – Community

I am so in love with peaceful and purposefully slow early mornings, the earlier the better. For me, the most precious time of day is just before dawn and sunrise. I fiercely protect this time as mine, for me, for my connection to nature, to my SELF and my creativity.

This normally comes in the form of journaling with meditation, mantra and any other magickal or deity practices I’m doing at that time. It’s my time for seeing and clearing out the crap, setting intentions, visualising and paving the way for a day and life that I love. It’s my time for prioritising me.

Then comes Muay Thai. It’s my second biggest spiritual teacher. It reflects back at me where in my body and life requires my attention, healing and adaptation.

Nature. I have hiked all over the world and I make it a mission of mine to explore whatever nature has to offer wherever it is that I am. She connects me back to the whole, to myself. She cleanses me in a way nothing else can. She grounds, calms, humbles and inspires me.

Community. Essential for everyone but I love to bring people together and initiate sharing and growth through the eggregore of the group.


Creativity emerges from people in many different ways such as music, dance, song, food; for me it is pen to paper and teaching. I love to draw, specifically mandalas, this process brings me so much peace, trust and awe. I love to write. I love to teach. It’s through my speaking and facilitation that I aim to inspire and empower. This is my purpose; it ignites and fuels me in a way that nothing else I’ve written here can. This is where I feel truly alive.
I love to explore. There is no better feeling of liberation and joy than what I get from exploring new places, people, cultures and things to do. I love journaling in a cafe whilst being around people. I think it’s the art of just being without trying to be.

Lunch with friends, swimming in the sea, exploring on my scooter, swinging in a hammock reading a juicy non-fiction book, fresh jackfruit, home cooking made with love, the smell, colours and fashion of autumn, log fires, red wine, good quality dark chocolate.

These days you’ll mainly find me hiking to a waterfall, swinging in my hammock drawing mandalas or at Muay Thai training. You can follow me on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook & YouTube to see my art, give tips, hear me ramble on about topics that fire me up and to join a like-minded community of friendly people just wanting to be happy.

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