Hatha Yoga

This form of yoga, accompanied by the yogic breath, brings oxygen and prana (energy) into the body and directs it to the area of focus to help liberate and release stuck energy, that we experience as stiffness. As the energy is released it is then free to flow to mind which we experience as happiness and wellbeing. Our muscles, tendons, ligaments and joins then become loosened and elongated as a result, a feeling we know as vitality.

For Carrie, yoga is the ultimate key to a joyous and healthy life as we connect mind with body and spirit. Carrie teaches yoga to raise the awareness of what yoga is, it’s healing influence on the mind and body, and how it can bring overall harmony to life.  

Carrie teaches Hatha yoga in classes and private one-to-one, both in person and remote. Take a look to see how you can benefit from practising yoga with Carrie and how you can book.

Carrie completed her 500 hour Chakra Yoga teacher training at Pyramid Yoga Centre in Thailand. The foundation of Carrie’s studies was based on the science of yoga, how universal energy affects the mind, body and emotions and how yoga can help us to tap into and manipulate this. She studied all 9 forms of yoga including Hatha, Raja, Jnana, Pranayama, Yantra, Mantra, Laya, Karma and Bhakti and now teaches yoga on the foundation of Samkhya philosophy of making the connection between consciousness, energy and matter. 

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