How to Meditate with Mandalas

Mandalas provide an anchor or a focused activity that brings you into a meditative state, calms the mind, and leaves you feeling rejuvenated, revived and refreshed.


Regular mandala gazing, drawing, or colouring helps to:

  • Reduce stress & anxiety
  • Boost sense of awareness
  • Increase feelings of balance, calm, strength, & harmony
  • Increase feelings of connectedness to ourselves, one another & our surroundings
  • Create a stronger mind-body connection — essential for promoting & maintaining health
  • Attain higher states of consciousness & connection to Source

Here are some ways that you can meditate with mandalas.


You can print and display the mandalas on your wall or desk so that the resonance is being emitted into your environment. This will help to change the energy of the room and anyone in it to be in alignment with the mandala’s intention.


Colouring mandalas is a great way to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, create feelings of peace and calm, all whilst repairing DNA, rejuvenating the body and revitalising the mind. There’s no right or wrong, just let your inner child play and apply the colours in any way you like.


Keep your eyes focused on the central spot for 5-10 seconds, without blinking. Then close your eyes, allow the geometry to stimulate your pineal gland (third eye) and produce healing brain chemicals. Repeat this as many times as you like. This can be a weekly or daily practice.


You can meditate with the mandala by looking at it whilst contemplating what its specific intention means to you. What does that intention feel like, what would it look like if you had it in your life? For example, if the intention of the mandala is Abundance, what does abundance mean to you? What would your life be like if you had a lot of abundance? How would that make you feel? How would it impact those around you?



Reciting an appropriate mantra whilst sitting with / gazing at the mandala is a good way to reinforce its intention, as they are both aligned. For example, if you are meditating with the Abundance mandala then you could recite the Lakshmi mantra.


If you work with crystals then placing a transmitter/receiver crystal on top of it will help to amplify and transmit the resonance of the mandala’s intention.

A transmitter/receiver crystal is any crystal that has one face with 7 sides or edges opposite another face that has 3. An example is shown here.




I wanted a mandala from Carrie because I was keen to explore alternative ways to help me with certain issues in my life. I liked the idea of having something that was special, made only for me, that was specific to my needs and gave me as much Reiki healing as I wanted.

The outcome was just beautiful, I’m amazed at what Carrie drew and how she even included shapes that I have doodled all my life, how did she know that? I’ve since sat with my mandala many times and asked for healing. I even took it into a special ceremony and other spiritual teachers commented on how powerful the mandala was in terms of it’s healing ability.

This is such a precious gift I can’t thank Carrie enough.




I have tattoos of mandalas because I think they’re beautiful but didn’t know much else about them so I was extra excited to attend Carrie’s wksp. She completely blew my mind. I had no idea that mandalas have the power they do. In addition to her knowledge about mandalas, Carrie shared with each of us our dominant chakras based on our date of birth along with the corresponding sacred geometric shape.

I have been on a journey of self-discovery & exploration and learning these things made me feel like I’d found a missing puzzle piece. Lastly, I chose to draw a mandala vs color as I was feeling a lot of resistance to it and it just made me so happy and I really think it’s helping me break through some creative blocks I’ve been experiencing. Carrie’s passion & enthusiasm filled the zoom room.

I can only imagine how an in-person wksp with her would be. Hope to be able to attend one someday!


Make the most out of meditating with mandalas. Learn about Mandala Magickal Meditation.

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