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As a natural-born speaker, facilitating workshops, presentations, seminars, keynotes and interviews is my thing. 

Below I’ve provided you with a selection of different topics that I have discussed. Take your pick to get to know who I mam how I teach, and learn more about the topics that I’m passionate about. 

If you would like me to speak about anything in particular at your event then I’d love to hear from you:

How to Increase Abundance – The Alchemy of Gratitude + Value

In this video, I talk to the incredible Jo Webb aka The Happiness Hustler, about how to increase abundance through the process of the gratitude and value equation. Knowing how to increase your self-value means you’re more inclined to align yourself with your life’s purpose and deliver it out to the world. In turn, people value your gifts so give value back to you.

Watch this video to hear us talk about how this alchemy creates an upward spiral of value, gratitude, and, therefore, abundance. 

Jo is an absolute diamond and warrior of everything self-love and happiness. She specialises in supporting and coaching mums and teens to a place of self-love. You can find her at:

How to Meditate with Mandalas – Stress Relief, Relaxation, Body Rejuvenation & Mental Revitalisation

In this interview, I talk about why and how you can meditate with mandalas to give you many, many benefits including stress relief, relaxation, body rejuvenation, and mental revitalisation. 

After watching this chat you will:

  • Know what mandalas are and how they heal the mind and body
  • Be able to bring mandalas into your regular practice as meditation or a fun, creative hobby
  • Understand the power that mandalas can have by colouring and/or drawing
  • Gain practical and fun ideas on how to bring mandalas into your classroom activity so that pupils gain the benefits, too
  • Walk away with a sense of peace, calm and relaxation

This interview was part of the Teachers Matter Online Summit 2022, brought to us by Spectrum Education. You can see all of the amazing work that they do to bring easy-to-implement strategies, techniques and teaching resources to help students, parents & teachers with advanced study skills, and get access to exceptional content by visiting their website:

How Nature Increases Your Happiness, Creativity, Energy & Vitality

You know that after you’ve been in nature you feel amazing and refreshed. You don’t know why, you just do. 

In this video, I share with you some of the science behind how nature impacts our psychology and physiology, which leads to those feelings of revitalisation and rejuvenation. I share how nature affects the brain and body and what you can do to capitalise on its impact so that you can get more happiness, creativity, energy and vitality in your life. 

I was interviewed by Karen Tui-Boyes from Spectrum Education for their amazing online Teachers Matter Summit – but all of the science and advice I give is applicable for absolutely everyone.

You can check out the FREE annual Teachers Matter Summit and all of the great work done by Spectrum Education by visiting their website:

Create Your Dream Life

This is one of my favs! Natalie and I spend time talking about:

  • My experience of the whole Covid era
  • How people can go about starting to create their dream life
  • What is right choice?
  • How do you connect to your real dreams?
  • A quick intro into the science of dreaming.
  • How to up your overall happiness levels.
  • How Muay Thai is one of my biggest spiritual teachers

Most importantly, I share practical tips for how to reconnect back to yourself, your purpose and your dreams.

“Dreams are not given to you because they are impossible. Dreams are given to you as an indicator of what is totally possible for you”

“We have to do the things we love in order to love life”

Reality Check Radio is a New Zealand based radio show that covers the issues the establishment won’t. Natalie interviews a variety of people on her Up Your Brave show which covers topics relating to confidence, courage, community, connections, resilience, holistic health and more! 

You can listen to all of her replays here.

How to Increase Happiness to Maximise Life & Business Success (The Happiness Advantage)

In this episode of a 7 part series, I talk about how happiness is a precursor to success, meaning that when you are happy first, you maximise your potential and therefore become more successful in life and business. 

Here I share the work of Shaun Achor, one of the worlds leading happiness experts. I discuss: 

      • The science behind how our brains are hardwired to be successful when we’re happy
      • How we gain a competitive advantage when we’re happy
      • Principle 1, how to deliberately inject happiness into your day to increase your overall levels, over time. 

How to Live a Happy & Fulfilling Life

In this interview I talk to Heather about my journey from complacency in the corporate world, feeling a lot of stress, anger and resentment. I explain how I followed my intuitive nudge and as a result am now living life on my terms, travelling the world and am happier than ever. Learn how you too can live a happy and fulfilled life.

You can watch the interview on YouTube or you can listen to it on Spotify.

Heather’s podcast focuses on power of thought, quantum physics, mindset and perspective. Ultimately, you create your reality. You can watch or listen to other episodes here.

Carrie the Spiritual Coach – Meditation is Something You Become

Drew and I talk about being self-employed as well as get into some really deep thoughts and mindset in this conversation. Drew’s comment about this interview was “1 genuinely think you’ll come away with a lot to think about after watching this episode.”

You can watch the interview on YouTube or you can listen to it on Spotify

Drew’s podcast is all about talking to people who love the work they do. In Drew’s words, you only have one life and one chance to follow your dreams. 

Meditate with Mandalas – Increasing productivity, creativity, energy and vitality.

This is a very short article in which I explain precisely how mandalas affect the healing capabilities of your cells and your mind. I share how mandalas are a fun, focused and easy form of meditation that is available to everyone. I explain exactly how you can meditate with them and why you’d want to.

Click here to read the article which was featured in the Teachers Matter Magazine.

You can check out their amazing website here: 

If you would like me to write an article, or speak at your event, summit or podcast then feel to get in contact


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