As promised, here are your Love & Curiosity Lists

You’re on your way to living a life of more joy, fun, happiness, contentedness and LOVE.


Watch the video below to learn more about the impact these lists can have on your life, and how to use them. I also explain why we may lose a sense of self and feel like we don’t know ourselves any more, and what you can do to bring that back.

Scroll down to get access to your downloadable lists 💛

❣️ Your Love List ❣️

Use your Love List to make a list of 20 things that you love. Make a point of doing at least 1, hopefully 3, of them per day, to permanently increase your happiness levels.
If you can’t get to 20 then consider completing the Curiosity list.

❣️ Your Curiosity List ❣️

One way to get to know ourselves better is to try all those things we’re curious about trying.

Curiosity, urge, desire, envy, these are all clues and signs from our intuition trying to point us in a particular direction. There’s something for us in that we are curious about. That’s why we are curious.
Keep your curious list to hand and continuously add to it. Make a commitment to tick off the activities and see which ones you want to add to your Love List.
This is one way that we can explore who we are and what we like, but trying all the things that tickle our fancy.

I hope you enjoy contemplating about all the things you love and have fun writing your lists. Don’t forget, the power is in the doing. Once you have your lists, make your commitments to bringing these things into your life as much as you can. Then watch how your experience of life changes.

May you always dare to dream bigger xx

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