Mandalas have been used by yogis and sages for millennia for various reasons. We, here, shall use them for relaxation and healing. Working with mandalas helps to reduce stress and bring ultimate body rejuvenation and mind revitalisation.

Art That Heals

There are many healing benefits that mandalas can bring you.
Drawing and colouring mandalas are a great way to meditate. They provide an anchor or a focused activity that brings you into a meditative state, calms the mind, and leaves you feeling rejuvenated.

Regular mandala gazing, drawing, or colouring helps to:

  • Reduce stress & anxiety
  • Boosts sense of awareness
  • Increases feelings of balance, calm, strength, & harmony
  • Increases feelings of connectedness to ourselves, one another, & our surroundings
  • Creates a stronger mind-body connection, essential for promoting & maintaining health
  • Assists in attaining higher states of consciousness & connection to Source

When working with my Reiki infused mandalas you gain added benefits of the Reiki healing as well, including:

  • Removal energy blocks, tension & discomfort
  • Detoxifying your mind & body
  • Strengthening of your immune system
mandala carrie

What is a Mandala?

Mandalas are the language of the universe.

We are surrounded by electromagnetism that enters our universe as vibration. This vibration is known as prakriti in Sanskrit or The Quantum Field in Quantum Physics.

You cannot see this vibration with your eyes, just like you can’t see x-rays or microwaves, but if you could it would be a mandala. Mandala’s are the physical representation of the vibratory patterns that exits in the universe and in nature.

Mandalas are created as the electromagnetic waves intersect, creating patterns.

Within ourselves, we see these patterns as our chakras (energy vortexes). They are also present outside of us and in nature. We often see mandalas crystalised in matter, for example, in crystals, snowflakes or a spider’s web.

How do Mandalas Heal?

Each shape in the mandala (known as sacred geometry) creates a vibration which is received by your eyes. This incoming information stimulates your pineal gland in your brain which triggers the production of certain brain chemicals. These chemicals then flood the body which trigger rejuvenation and healing of all your cells, including your DNA.
  • \When we look at mandalas our subconscious mind recognises the frequencies from the shapes as a language. This language then instructs the mind to send energy to the chakras, strengthening and balancing our energetic vortexes.
  • \The pineal gland is stimulated, which causes the hypothalamus (the part of the brain responsible for dictating the brain and body chemistry) to produce neuropeptides (brain chemicals) that are positive and healing for the body.
  • \These chemicals then flood the body and rejuvenate our cells and organs back to their original health.
  • \The 6th chakra (third eye or Ajna) is developed and strengthened through this process, creating a stronger connection to your Higher Self, intuition, divine.
mandala carrie
Whether you are gazing, drawing or colouring mandalas, you will be receiving all of the above benefits.

How do my Mandalas Heal?

When working with my Reiki infused mandalas you gain added benefits of the Reiki healing as well, including:

  • Removal energy blocks, tension & discomfort
  • Detoxifying your mind & body
  • Strengthening of your immune system



I wanted a mandala from Carrie because I was keen to explore alternative ways to help me with certain issues in my life. I liked the idea of having something that was special, made only for me, that was specific to my needs and gave me as much Reiki healing as I wanted.

The outcome was just beautiful, I’m amazed at what Carrie drew and how she even included shapes that I have doodled all my life, how did she know that? I’ve since sat with my mandala many times and asked for healing. I even took it into a special ceremony and other spiritual teachers commented on how powerful the mandala was in terms of it’s healing ability.

This is such a precious gift I can’t thank Carrie enough.




I have tattoos of mandalas because I think they’re beautiful but didn’t know much else about them so I was extra excited to attend Carrie’s wksp. She completely blew my mind. I had no idea that mandalas have the power they do. In addition to her knowledge about mandalas, Carrie shared with each of us our dominant chakras based on our date of birth along with the corresponding sacred geometric shape.

I have been on a journey of self-discovery & exploration and learning these things made me feel like I’d found a missing puzzle piece. Lastly, I chose to draw a mandala vs color as I was feeling a lot of resistance to it and it just made me so happy and I really think it’s helping me break through some creative blocks I’ve been experiencing. Carrie’s passion & enthusiasm filled the zoom room.

I can only imagine how an in-person wksp with her would be. Hope to be able to attend one someday!


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