GRIEF Magickal Mandala

This Mandala is made to change your vibration so that you move through the grieving process with as much grace and the least amount of resistance as possible. I drew this mandala because I was observing many people going through the grieving process, myself included. We can grieve for many things, a person, an animal, a version of ourselves that we once were, a relationship, a place, etc. Someone asked me to draw this mandala and I knew it was time. When I started, I had no idea how much it was going to impact me, but it did and it was necessary. It helped me to process and come to terms with the end of multiple things at the same time.


Product Description

Meditating on a Mandala is another way of impressing the unconscious with powerful instructions. 

The sacred geometry held within the mandala helps to heal the mind and body as well as create portals to future potentials, helping you to manifest and create the future that you want.

Mandalas emit energetic frequencies that are recognised by your unconscious. When you display or meditate with a particular mandala, you change your resonance to match the resonance that the mandala is representing.

What You Get:

  • A powerful and potent channelled and freehand drawn creation that will help you to raise your energetic vibration - in JPEG format
  • Full information document explaining all about mandalas, how they heal and how to meditate with the mandala.
  • A surprise free gift from my heart to yours x
  • Infinite frequencies to help you through the grieving process
  • Continuous healing

Click here to learn more about what mandalas are and how they heal, and here to learn how to meditate with them.

GRIEF Magickal Mandala


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