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Personalised & Bespoke Healing Mandala


Larger Size available upon request

Wondering if a personalised healing mandala can help you?

Product Description

Get all the healing benefits from meditating with mandalas and receiving Reiki energy – but massively amplified and specific to your needs.

What you get:

  • An original mandala design drawn specifically for you
  • Yantra Yoga reading to calculate your dominant chakra energy and the incorporation of the associated sacred geometric symbols weaved into your design
  • Endless Reiki healing as your design is charged with orbs that will release the healing energy time and time again, as-and-when you wish
  • Original + PDF and PNG files so you can print and have the design added to any surface you like (e.g. on canvas)

Working with Reiki infused mandalas is already a powerful meditative and healing practice. I help to amplify this for you by channeling a design that is specific to your healing or intention needs right now. For example, maybe you want to develop more courage or break free from limiting beliefs.

Shapes create a resonance or frequency that stimulate the pineal gland when gazed at. This stimulate the production of brain chemicals which then flood the body to initiate physical and mental rejuvenation. 

I ask to see the shapes and design that will produce the most potent effect given what your need are right now. I then channel the design onto the page. 

From your birth date, I can also calculate which chakra energy is dominant for you. By blending in the associated shape to that chakra, I add even more impact to your healing as it helps to balance your energies. 

I then channel Reiki infused orbs into the design. When you’re ready, you can sit with the mandala and set the intention to receive this energy, time and time again. It will never run out. Endless healing from the shapes and from the Reiki. 

Again, I charge it with the most appropriate energy for your needs at the time. I am an 18th degree Grand Master Reiki healer so I have 18 energies to choose from!

Why get a personalised mandala? Potent, endless and on-demand healing.

  • Repair your DNA and cellular building blocks – Mandala gazing stimulates the production of chemicals that helps you rejuvenate from the inside out.
  • Stimulate your third eye – Creating stronger mind-body connection, strengthening your intuition and clairvoyance as well as connection to your divine self.
  • Balance Your Chakra Energies – as energy is stimulated and sent to your energy vortexes.
  • Develop your creativity and visualisation – which is critical for you to imagine and manifest the future you want.
  • Create a sense of peace and calm – as you release stress and anxiety and become more grounded.
  • Receive healing Reiki energy at your command – Get comfy, set the intention, lay back and receive. It’s that simple.
  • Save time and money – as you have unlimited healing in your home for a one time fee.

Have questions? Then book a chat with me. 




I wanted a mandala from Carrie because I was keen to explore alternative ways to help me with certain issues in my life. I liked the idea of having something that was special, made only for me, that was specific to my needs and gave me as much Reiki healing as I wanted. The outcome was just beautiful, I’m amazed at what Carrie drew and how she even included shapes that I have doodled all my life, how did she know that? I’ve since sat with my mandala many times and asked for healing. I even took it into a special ceremony and other spiritual teachers commented on how powerful the mandala was in terms of it’s healing ability. This is such a precious gift I can’t thank Carrie enough.




After spending 3 months in Thailand and learning a lot from Carrie about inner balance and spiritual growth, this mandala is the best thing I could have brought home to help me feel connected to the experience and knowledge I gained while I was there.

I keep the mandala in my office and regularly receive comments from people admiring the drawing and asking about its meaning. My mandala contains Dai Chikara (which can provide healing and strength to find equilibrium in new systems/environments) and Dai Hana (which helps develop and mature ego to provide clarity and spiritual understanding). Both of these have been immensely helpful as I go through different transitions and challenges. I love my Mandala and cannot recommend these strongly enough to anyone looking for a stronger connection to spirituality in their life!




I love my mandala! When I first saw my personalized mandala I felt so calm and blessed. Since then I use my mandala when doing visual meditations. I gaze on it and concentrate and find a lovely sense of peace.

Personalised & Bespoke Healing Mandala


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