I’d had a particularly tough morning, you know, the usual self-hatred, criticising, comparing, loathing, highlighting the lack of my circumstances and effort. That acidic voice burning at my confidence and self-worth. Sound familiar

Now, I don’t believe in coincidences so when my friend Sharlene started to share her wise words of wisdom over lunch I knew she’d been sent to me with purpose that day (these ‘well timed’ messages have happened to me before). There I’d been dwelling in my own negativity when  suddenly I was being delivered a kick up the arse from the divine that I needed.

I was mesmerised by her positivity and engrossed in her stories of what she’d accomplished, how she was feeling and where her life was going. Her life had truly taken a turn for the good since we’d first met, and it was all down to her effort. But there I was still asking myself “how come my life isn’t like that?” “How come she has benefited and I haven’t?” “Why haven’t I made as much progress?” (we’d both recently been on the same development course). But there was no sympathy, no pity, no “Ah Carrie but your life is wonderful”. Instead she did exactly what she was supposed to do, exactly what I needed her to do. Sharlene posed but one question to me which jolted me out of my self-loathing and into the now. Ask yourself what is possible?

What is possible? Such a simple but life changing question. Let me explain.

She politely reminded me that I am the only one standing in my way. That I’m hung up on what I don’t have, where I’m not, looking back rather than focusing forward. That I’m tainting my life with the negative by asking questions such as “Why haven’t I….?” “When will I…..?” “But I was supposed to….” “What’s wrong with…..?”. I was totally focusing on the wrong things. Great, if this is where I wanted to stay but I’m looking for progress, I’m looking for development, I’m looking for a different life!

So, I had to stop and ponder. What would happen if I was to stop this? What would happen if I was to stop looking back, comparing and instead look at the now and where I want to be? What would happen if rather than saying “I don’t have…” I was to say “OK, this is where I am – what’s possible in this situation?” Well, the answer is simple, everything is possible. If I was to stand out of my own way, push the negativity aside, what I’m left with is a landscape of possibility, a blank canvas where I can choose what happens in my life and I can dictate what happens next. What is possible? Anything I decide.

I snapped at my mum when I didn’t want to. OK, that was then but in this moment now what is possible? A loving interaction with my mum where we both smile. I didn’t manage to hand in the project on time. That was then, but in this moment what is possible? Doing my best job on the next one and handing it in early. You see, something Sharlene reminded me of is that whatever you declare is what you get. Your thoughts are enough to create your reality. Whatever you believe is possible is on it’s way to you as a result of your thoughts.

What is possible, Carrie? Everything is possible. Then I am saying that going forward this is me, I am possibility, I am the future, I am the me I want to be.

And you are you, you are possibility. Which, by the way, is more than you can ever imagine 🙂

Thank you, Sharlene, for being the bearer of my divine message, for helping me hear the message they wanted me to hear and for being the beautiful person that you are xx

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