Why work with me

Teacher / Coach / Mentor / Healer

I am a warrior for your happiness. Everything I do is to help you stand in your truth and authenticity so that you can live a life you choose.

  • A life of happiness and joy.
  • A life of empowerment and freedom.
  • A life of connection and purpose.

I am your dream life activator. I help you to reconnect back to yourself, connect to your true desires and align with your purpose. I help you to feel and know what it is that you really want for your life rather than settling for what you have been told you should have or think you’ve been given. 

By making spirituality simple, I guide you on your journey of self-discovery so you can dream bigger for yourself than you ever have, and become the creator of a life you love, rather than one that you think you ought to have or have been given. 

I help you to powerfully connect to and create your dreams so you can feel happy, whole and purpose-aligned.

Power – Possibility – Positivity

How I Work

Many traditional forms of therapy or self-help will look at taking you from a negative state to a neutral one. Not me. 

If you focus on neutrality and mediocracy all you will be is neutral and mediocre. 

You can choose mediocrity or you can choose greatness, fulfillment, purpose and success. I know that you want:

      • To live an extraordinary life
      • Something different for yourself and your family
      • To leave a legacy
      • To do something meaningful with your life 
      • To do something fulfilling
      • To be purposeful and contribute to the world and humanity 
      • To live out your full potential

I want you to become the greatest version of yourself. One that you don’t even know is possible. So, rather than bringing you from negative to neutral, when you work with me I help you to shift from wherever it is that you are now to great and then even greater.

You know that there is another level of success waiting for you. There is another level of happiness and fulfilment available. There is another level of potential that you haven’t tapped into yet. But you’re stuck and you don’t know how to get there. This is where I come in.

I am an advocate in helping you to challenge your desires and to create ridiculous dreams. I help you to see what you’re truly capable of by continuously stretching your goals beyond what you think is possible. All of this gives you an anchor to keep working towards whilst you reclaim your power, stand in your true self, ignite the inner warrior within you, find the courage and strength needed to abolish the blocks to your true happiness, to an experience of life that you choose and a life that you love. 

To do this I guide you on a journey:

  1. Get Happy
  2. Dream Big
  3. Dream even bigger
  4. Take bold action
  5. Abolish the blocks
  6. Anchor the energies
  7. Reap and celebrate the rewards

Making Spirituality Simple so you can feel happy, whole and


1. Get Happy

Our brains are biologically hardwired to perform better when we are happy. Positive emotions cause more dopamine and serotonin to flow in the brain. These chemicals help us to increase the amount of potential and possibilities that we can see for ourselves. An essential first step towards being able to consider dreams beyond what we currently think is possible.

2. Dream Big

Once we are elevating our happiness levels it’s time to start exploring who we are and what we want. Visualisation and imagination are zapped from us during our school days so this is the time to start flexing the daydreaming muscle and conjuring up the future vision that we have for ourselves. You cannot create that which you cannot see with the mind’s eye.

3. Dream Even Bigger

This is where I challenge you to push the boundaries on what you think is possible. We don’t settle for dreams that you think are possible. That is a goal, not a dream. We challenge the vision, challenge your view of worthiness and connect you to what you really want – and more.

4. Take Bold Action

You’ve got your dream, so what’s the next step? The first one. Let’s identify the bold actions required to take you along your path towards creating your dreams. I help by holding you compassionately accountable for what is going to deliver  impact to your results.

5. Abolish the Blocks

As you make your way along this path, just like Dorothy found on the yellow brick road, there will be blocks. But that’s OK because you need to see them. They have always been there operating in the background, stopping you from living a life you love. As you uncover them, I support you by using a mixture of shamanic and other spiritual healing techniques to abolish them out of your way for good.

6. Anchoring the Energies

Throughout the whole process, anchoring supportive energies helps you to remove the blocks and amplify the attributes and virtues needed to help you achieve your goals and create your dreams. Again, I share and support you in using a variety of shamanic and spiritual techniques to do this.

7. Reap & Celebrate the Rewards

Part of living a life you love is recognising how amazing you are and celebrating you stepping into your power and returning to the creator that you are. I help you to see and feel this progress, power and pride.

Inspiring Action Through Action

One of my purposes in life is to inspire action through action, so I walk my talk. I share with you my ridiculously big dreams and share my journey as I take action, in the hope of inspiring you to do the same.

My dream life is one of freedom, liberation, pride, victory, joy and love. 

To achieve this I have created a life where I work completely online, live and work away from my home country and travel a lot.

I also have created a ridiculous dream of becoming a successful Muay Thai fighter here in Thailand. At the age of 43, I am already a Professional Muay Thai fighter and I continuously push the boundaries on what is possible. 

You can read more about my ridiculous Muay Thai dream here.

What I Offer You

I am a Spiritual Coach, a Shamanic healer, a workshop facilitator, an international public speaker, and I am the creator of Art That Heals, which is a variety of healing and door-opening mandala products.

I offer you:

      • Transformative coaching packages
      • Cleansing and initiating healing sessions
      • A life-changing membership
      • Inspirational and powerful workshops series
      • Healing and dream-activating mandala products

    I believe in the following principles:

    • Happiness First - When you're happy, success follows because your brain is hardwired to work best when happy.
    • Life doesn’t just happen, we create it
    • Work with Possibilities not facts - We are surrounded by limitless possibilities and the one you will experience is the one you focus on. Be the creator.
    • Take responsibility - It’s a gift. You can always choose how to respond.
    • Everything is research - there is no right or wrong, there just is. When you see life as research you realise you can’t make mistakes.
    • Empowerment is key here - For you to author and live a life that you love you need to find what is right for you. I will never know what that is, I can only give you the tools to help you find it for yourself.
    carrie brightwell
    why work with me

    My Experience

    I have been helping people transform and become more aligned versions of themselves since 2004. I have developed people, in one capacity or another, across the entire globe in every single job that I’ve had. Be it in my 12-year corporate career or my Bright Wellbeing business, I have been teaching, coaching, mentoring and inspiring 1000’s of people so that they can develop and grow to become more aligned and happier versions of themselves. 

    I mix practical, logic and science with mysticism, intuition and magick. I have a degree in Environmental Biology and a Master’s Degree in Business and Management. I have had a 12-year career in corporate Learning and Development as a trainer and Senior Manager. I am a certified Life Coach, Personal Trainer, 1000 hours trained in the Science of Yoga, I am an 18th Degree Grand Master Reiki healer, I have been studying under and working alongside a 50+ year practising hereditary shaman since 2019. I now dedicate my life’s learning to shamanism and everything magickal to help radically accelerate your experience of life from negative or neutral to good and then great. I’ve had the opportunity to experience a vast array of alternative healing modalities from plant medicine to quantum healing and regression, to ancient yogic practices to full-blown shamanic initiations and magickal awakenings and upgrades.

    My spiritual experience and path have been, and continues to be, quite esoteric. Good, because having experienced these extremes I’m able to take all of my lessons and break them down into simpler and easier-to-consume steps for others so that they take what suits them and leave what doesn’t. This is my journey, and I don’t try to make it yours. Just like your journey will never be mine.

    I’ve been around the block in this self-development game. I’ve received counselling, coaching and healing for over 15 years. I’ve been facilitating it for nearly 10. I’ve been living my dream life since 2016 and now I’m going to share with you some of the tools and techniques that helped me break away from a life of misery and numbness to a life I never thought possible. 

    I found my purpose very early on so I know what that discovery process feels like.

    My purpose is to be here with you now.

    “Be now who you wish to become – be now who you already are” –

    Carrie x

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