Explaining & Exploring Meditation


This is for you if you want to find joy with and from meditation.
Do you find it boring? Are you confused about what to do? Do you get frustrated? Are you curious what it’s all about? Maybe you’re looking for new inspiration. Or possibly have your questions and challenges answered.
Let’s go over the fundamentals, bust a few meditation myths and get you into a grove that suits you.
It’s going to be yummy, blissful, warming and insightful.


  • Gain clarity on what meditation is
  • Walk away with solutions to your challenges
  • Explore different forms of meditation techniques so you can pick what you like the most
  • Experience some of the benefits meditation can bring e.g. inner peace, ease, calm, clarity
  • Gain confidence with your practice and know what to do
  • Receive distance Reiki healing to help remove energy blocks


  • Share your questions and challenges
  • Meditation preparation
  • Clearing up those meditation myths
  • Fundamentals of meditation
  • Exploration of breathing, sound and movement
  • Addressing any unanswered questions

What’s included:

  • A handy worksheet summarising all the magick of meditation and outline of the techniques explored
  • A guided meditation (by me) for your use anytime
  • 2 hours of discussion and practice to help you get the most out of meditation
  • Distant Reiki healing - Distance Reiki is very powerful and you will still receive the healing, no matter where you are in the world.

Who it’s for:

This workshop is suitable for anyone and everyone, whether you have practiced meditation or not.
  • If you struggle with meditation or not sure what to do
  • You want to feel empowered and take control of your own body & mind healing
  • You’re looking for a new healthy & sustainable hobby
  • You’re eager to find an effective technique to help you relax and release stress & anxiety
  • You want to explore new self-care & self-love activities
  • This is fun for all the family so bring anyone along who wants to try colouring/drawing!

What You Need:

  • All things specified above for an online workshop
  • A quiet and comfortable space where you won’t be interrupted
  • Comfy clothes as we’ll be doing some basic yoga poses
  • Yoga mat/block
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