Yamabushi Shinto Reiki

I am an 18th Degree Grand Master Reiki Healer working with 18 levels of Yamabushi Shinto Reiki.

I was attuned to these energies by my shamanic teacher who founded them whilst deep in meditation on retreat on Mount Kurama, a sacred mountain with wonderful Shinto shrines, which is also the mountain on which master Usui first brought Reiki through. My teacher was awakened to a much deeper level of Reiki, and was told to pass on this deeper power, as the tradition had become diluted.

The Yamabushi, meaning mountain sleepers, are traditional Shamans of Japan, and are the original spiritual tradition from which the ninjas evolved. My teacher trained from 13 years old in various martial arts. This, alongside the Shinto shrine location, is what inspired the name for this Reiki.

Each level covers a different kanji, which unlocks a universal energy. Here is a brief description of each level.

Choku Rei

Choku Rei means “place the power of the Universe here”. It’s an empowering symbol and is used to:
• Initiate the flow of Reiki energy
• Increase the power of the Reiki energy
• Focus the Reiki energy on a specific location
• Seal the energy in

Sei He Ki

Sei He Ki – used for emotional, spiritual, and mental balance. Sei he ki translates to “God and humanity as one”. It can be used for cleansing negative mental blocks, treating depression and addictions, as well as encouraging confidence and creativity. The use of this symbol can bring us into contact with who we are.

The Distant Healing Symbol

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen – The Distant Healing Symbol – The Distant Healing Symbol – The translation for this symbol means, “may the Buddha in me connect to the Buddha in you to promote harmony and peace”. The Universal Life Force connects us all, and this symbol helps to send healing over distance and time.

Level 4

Teaches us to connect to Source and get ourselves out of the way so that God can work through us more clearly.

The Great Harmony

Dai Cho Wa – The Great Harmony – Attached to this mandala is the energy of Dai Cho Wa, the Great Harmony. This energy is used to ease conflict with anything outside of ourselves. We change from seeing the world and everything in it as a foe to that as an ally. The benefit to this is we find ourselves in harmony with the world. Life flows, people help us, we help them, we become more equal, we communicate better. Everything is balanced, fair and harmonious in our lives.

The Great Separation

Dai Fa Shu – The Great Separation – This energy helps you to separate from all that is not good for you, including people, disease, thought patterns, habits etc. Everything fits somewhere in the divine plan, but many things don’t need to be next to us. The great separation can remove from you that which does not fit harmoniously with you.

The Great Freedom

Dai Ji Yu – The Great Freedom – There are basically two sides to freedom; freedom from, and freedom to. You either want to be free from something that is somehow oppressive, or you want to be free to do something. The first big obstacle is fear. You are either afraid of something that could harm you, or you are afraid of losing something. Both these fears are lessened by this and the previous energy. This is a great energy to help release you from fear and help heal all forms of addiction or dependence.

The Great Peace

Dai Hey Wa – The Great Peace – This brings complete inner peace through trust in God and when you finally see that everything is as it should be. This kanji can be used whenever someone is bored, or caught up in trying to control life. It should be used until the spiritual awakening happens and true peace is found.

The Great Happiness

Dai Fu Ku – The Great Happiness – Happiness results when your outer success filters inside to mean something to who you are, joy starts on the inside and bubbles outwards to change our lives. Happiness comes from the peace after achieving the goal, joy comes from trying to achieve the goal. Without challenge we turn to boredom. This energy helps to shift your experience of challenges from that of boredom & despair to that of happiness & joy.

The Great Hope

Dai Ki Bo – The Great Hope -This kanji restores hope and should be used whenever there is doubt. Hope comes from the inner knowing that everything is possible. We are born with this knowing, but we go through life it’s waned out of us and is replaced with doubt. This energy reawakens our hope and knowing so that we can achieve our dreams.

The Great Strength

Dai Chikara – The Great Strength – This energy provides great power to overcome stubborn obstacles. As we evolve on our (spiritual) paths we find greater obstacles are put in our way to overcome. We may experience overwhelm, but it is here that we evolve the most, and strength is built by facing these challenges. This is also a great energy to receive to help overcome any form of condition or illness.

The Great Love

Dai Ai -The Great Love – overcomes fear through the recognition of the great love of the creator, and opens up ways through our problems. If you allow your resonance to change, the amount of love you receive changes, and your entire range of possible futures changes. Allowing oneself to be changed by the Great Love of the Source is the power this kanji brings.

The Great Teacher

Dai Hana – The Great Teacher – This kanji awakens our inner spiritual teacher, bringing guidance and wisdom. It helps you to mature your ego and tell the difference between your ego and your Higher Self so that you can hear and be guided in the right direction. You will find your spiritual understanding and inner guidance grow exponentially as the ego matures.

The Great Eye

Dai Moku – The Great Eye – This kanji opens clairvoyance. It helps to move you from communicating with an inner teacher to direct vision and knowledge of all. At this stage, you are becoming your Higher Self. In particular, you will begin to know your true purpose in life.

The Great Way

Dai Michi – The Great Way – We create our nightmares as well as our dreams. As you develop, you take charge of this process and create your true dreams, which involve the unfolding of your talents and the fulfilment of your needs, as well as the excitement of challenge that stretches your strengths further. This kanji shows you your true path

The Great Revelation

Dai Kei – The Great Revelation – This kanji brings enlightenment; a true vision of our oneness, which leads to full understanding of all spiritual teachings and how we can make a difference to the whole world.

The Great Temple

Dai Ji – The Great Temple – This kanji connects us fully to the spiritual world. Once you have been initiated to this kanji, the journey given at level 4 can take you into this place. When in this Great Temple, you experience infinite power, and your faith is boosted as you sense the infinite possibilities which God can achieve. This is the perfect place to work from in your healing practice, as anything can be accomplished just by praying, surrendering and observing.

The Great Wisdom

Dai Tetsu – The Great Wisdom – This kanji brings enlightenment; a true vision of our oneness, which leads to full understanding of all spiritual teachings.

Reiki Attunements

If you are interested in being attuned to Yamabushi Shinto Reiki so that you can work with these energies, either for yourself or with others, then get in touch. I offer a variety of online attunement packages, contact me for details.

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