Always Dreaming Bigger +PLUS

You might be satisfied with your life, or maybe you’re not. Either way, are you often experiencing that niggling (or significant) feeling that “there must be more to life than this?

Let me help you. 

You are capable of so much more than you ever can imagine. Let’s help you unlock those desires and potential that you hold. 

Create a life you love. The Always Dreaming Bigger membership helps you to powerfully connect to and create your dreams so you can feel happy, whole and purpose-aligned. 

A tried and tested membership that helps you reconnect to yourself, deepen your spirituality, discover your dreams and desires, gain a sense of purpose and find the strength and courage needed to start creating a life you love.

A membership doesn’t deliver just hope – it offers power, possibility and positivity.

Read more about the membership, how it can help you transform your life, as well as other people’s comments, here.

You have options!

Choose the experience that you want based on what’s right for you and your circumstances.

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  2. Always Dreaming Bigger +PLUS



Product Description

How will this membership change your life?

I am your happiness and your freedom warrior. I help you to stand in your truth and authenticity so that you can live a life you choose.

The Always Dreaming Bigger +PLUS can help you to feel:

Relaxed ♦ Lighthearted Connected Happy Powerful Purposeful ♦ EnthusiasticConfident Ambitious ♦ Inspired Grateful Optimistic ♦ Serene Authorative Decisive Energetic Influential Vigorous ♦ Courageous Authentic Strong Persistent Faithful Expectant

  • Learn more about who you are, what you love and connect to your purpose so you can feel a greater sense of value.
  • Become happier within yourself and radiate that out to yoru family and friends.
  • Find a new sense of drive, excitement and motivation for every single day and new ventures in life.
  • Find the courage to be authentically you and go after what it is that you truly want for your life. 
  • Find the answers to the big universal questions 


You have options!

Choose the experience that you want based on what's right for you and your circumstances.

So, depending on:

  • How deep you want to dive
  • How profound you want your transformation to be
  • How much guidance and support you want or need help you get the results you want in your life, you can choose the plan that's right for you.

  1. Always Dreaming Bigger
  2. Always Dreaming Bigger +PLUS


In Always Dreaming Bigger +PLUS you get all the goodies available in ADB Membership:

  • Happiness Enhancers - You’ll receive regular tips, challenges and ideas to help you keep the happy hormones topped up and permanently raise the bar on your happiness level.
  • Recorded Meditations - Created by me, this collection of empowering and enhancing meditations are on 24/7 access, as and when you want or need them to support you with your ongoing dreaming, dreaming bigger and the creation of those dreams.
  • Purpose Reflection Prompts - Each month you will receive an extraordinary email that contains unique Reiki energies (given to you via orbs) that will help to connect you to your inner teacher and knowing, as well as, your purpose and path. Enveloped by these energies is a journal prompt that is designed to help guide introspection and foster a deeper connection to your purpose. Set the intention to receive the energies then sit with your journal and allow your Higher Self and sense of purpose to show themselves on the page.
  • Mandala Magickal Meditation - Not only does regular meditation increase the happy hormones needed for dreaming bigger, but we also use this time to craft an ongoing mandala project to help call in and anchor the energies that you need to create a doorway to your dreams and goals. You can draw, colour or gaze at them to help you manifest. Mandalas are visual representations of energy. The mandala emits a resonance (energetic frequency) that changes your vibration, helping you to remove the blocks or enhance the attributes and virtues you need.
  • Reiki-infused Mandala - Sent straight to your inbox for you to savour at your own pace. Every monthly mandala is infused with a specific healing intention and 24-hours of Reiki energy, providing you with the resources and encouragement to enhance your personal journey. I frequently feature the mandalas created by members, offering you a wonderful opportunity to connect with your fellow enthusiasts. Who knows? One day, your masterpiece could take centre stage!
  • Healing orb - Because we all need help feeling better sometimes and to overcome the challenges of life. Delivered straight to your inbox every month, each orb is a reservoir of diverse energies, empowering mantras, and mystical elements designed to assist you in healing both emotional and physical challenges. Your inbox becomes a sanctuary where this powerful tool awaits, ready to be called in whenever you need it the most.

Plus you get:

These 2 integral extras. These additions are key in breaking through obstacles, intensifying positive outcomes, and collaboratively shaping the journey towards a life you genuinely adore.

  • Weekly 24-hour Reiki Healing - Elevate your experience by tapping into an enhanced boost! Each week I'll send you a concentrated infusion of Reiki energy to provide you with an even more powerful uplift. Simply call it in, set your intention to receive, and let the energy effortlessly flow to you. Brace yourself for a heightened and invigorating flow of energy tailored to amplify your well-being.
  • Build Your Dream Life Workshop - Welcome to our monthly workshop, a transformative journey that empowers you to craft the life of your dreams. I harness unique energies to facilitate a profound connection with your Higher Self. Through guided meditation throughout the workshop, you'll gain the ability to vividly perceive, hear, and feel their responses. This interactive experience allows you to seek guidance on what is possible for you and receive insights on how to manifest your dreams and desires with clarity and purpose.

Click here to join Always Dreaming Bigger Membership.

This is your chance to connect to yourself and your desires, to see what it is that you want for your life rather than settling for what you have been told you should have or think you’ve been given. This is your chance to challenge your desires, to create ridiculous dreams and to see what you’re truly capable of by continuously stretching your goals beyond what you think is possible. This is your chance to tap into a community and support system that helps you to take the bold action you need to bring these dreams to life. All of this gives you an anchor to keep working towards whilst you reclaim your power, stand in your true self, ignite the inner warrior within you, find the courage and strength needed to abolish the blocks to your true happiness, to an experience of life that you choose and a life that you love.

"Become the master of possibilities and not the victim of facts"


Always Dreaming Bigger +PLUS


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