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Whether you’re looking for some nourishing and me-time couple of hours or you want to put the world to right, I’ve got you covered.

I offer a variety of workshops to empower you to up-your-happy, look after #1, learn about yourself & this wonderful universe we live in as well as take the steps necessary for change. My aim is to gather a likeminded community so that we can share, inspire, guide & teach each other.

For those workshops that are stimulating, I provide practical tools and techniques for you so that you’re always engaged and learning. For those that are relaxing, I guide, nurture and nourish you into a place of bliss.

All are facilitated with love and you, the learner, in mind.

I offer all my workshops online so that no-one is left out and everyone is welcome.

All You Need Is:

  • A good internet connection, strong enough to stream video conferencing
  • Bluetooth earphones or speaker so you can hear me well enough
  • Webcam so I can see you
  • A quiet space where you won’t be interrupted
  • Whatever specifics I advise based on the workshop you’ve registered for

Take a look at what’s on offer and book your spot now.

Art That Heals - Learn How to Meditate with Mandalas

No artistic ability is needed! Just the willingness to have fun. When we play and meditate with mandalas we can tap into a deeper level of mind and body healing and relaxation, because mandalas are the language of the universe. Some healing benefits include:

The Happiness Advantage

Unlike popular belief, science has proven that happiness is the precursor to success and not the other way around. Our brains are hardwired to perform better when we are happy. Learn how to increase your happiness and maximise your potential.

Coming Soon

Explaining & Exploring Meditation

This is for you if you want to find joy with and from meditation.
Do you find it boring? Are you confused about what to do? Do you get frustrated? Are you curious what it’s all about? Maybe you’re looking for new inspiration.

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