Meditate with Mandalas

A fun, creative & healing workshop

Meditating with Mandalas, by drawing & colouring, is a fun & easy way to create relaxation, peace, body rejuvenation & mind revitalisation.

No artistic ability needed! Just the willingness to have fun.

Mandalas are the language of the universe and create doorways to future potentials. When we play and meditate with them we can tap into a deeper level of mind and body healing and relaxation.

Some healing benefits include:

  • Reduces stress & anxiety

  • Boosts sense of awareness, balance, calm, strength & harmony

  • Increases feelings of connectedness to ourselves, each other and our surroundings

  • Develops the power of imagination, visualisation and creativity, which is essential for manifesting the life you want

  • Raises our cellular vibration which affects us, the surrounding people and the environment

  • Stronger mind-body connection, essential for promoting & maintaining health

  • Helps you to attain higher states of consciousness and connection to source.

All this in a little mandala? Yep! Watch this workshop and I’ll share with you:

  • What mandalas are and their role in our universe

  • How mandalas and sacred geometry open doorways to the future you want and heal your mind and body

  • How to use mandalas in your everyday healing / yoga / meditation practice

  • You’ll get to practice and feel the effects of mandala drawing & colouring

You’ll have fun and leave with feelings of joy, peace, relaxation and less stress. You’ll gain a new understanding of how mandalas heal as well as a new fun and nurturing hobby if you choose.

If you’re looking for:

  • A fun way to meditate

  • A new creative outlet

  • A powerful way to manifest your desired future

  • Knowledge on more about the impact mandalas have on your mind and body

Then this is for you! 

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